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I have totally changed my life and lost 70 pounds." Pat K.

Celebrating the Gift Of Christmas with Stacy A.

Celebrating the Gift of Christmas at Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano Texas with Stacie A. (YMCA Client)

"I decided to try Maria's concept of FAITH VS. WEIGHT. I did not expect to have a drastic change in my weight. But it happened (not just for me but for others at the YMCA), and it is real....The concept is very easy, and she incorporates foods that you enjoy into your daily life. We are all given gifts from God, and this is Maria’s calling. Please, do not let her pass you by. I have totally changed my life and lost 70 pounds." Pat K. 

White Water Rafting with Sarah E.

White Water Rafting in Colorado with Sarah E. (Prestonwood Women's Ministry Client)

I am 20 lbs. lighter. You're program has saved me. I lowered my cholesterol from 198 to 126. All my levels are normal. I can't even describe the joy I felt inside. God is so Good! Praise Praise Praise!" Jess T.

"Over the years, we have tried to be healthier and lose weight by using quick-fix options like fad diets, fasting, and the Jenny Craig and Weight-Watchers programs, but we didn’t really know what being healthy meant. By following the FAITH VS WEIGHT lifestyle, we (my husband and I) have lost over 65 pounds in the last 6 months!" Sarah E.

Serving at a Food Bank with Jana M.

Serving at a Food Bank in Celina,Texas with Jana M. (Prestonwood Sports Organization Client)

"During the 6 weeks I attended the class, I dropped from 36 units of Lantus at night to 28 units. This is huge. I have lost 6-8 pounds. I was at a low in my diabetes management before taking this class. I knew exactly what to do but just wasn’t doing it. My Diabetic educator said this is a very common thing with long time diabetics. I had just lost my energy to manage it daily (and it does take energy). The class helped me get back on track."  Linda R.


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