Seek A Physician's Approval Before Starting Any Weight Loss Program

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about faith vs. weight

IT TAKES SEVEN WEEKS ...but it's worth the weight


In order for people to want to live a healthier lifestyle they must be inspired.  They need a really big reason.  The purpose of FAITH VS. WEIGHT is to inspire action.  They need a bigger Why.


We are often unrealistic in our planning or lack of planning partly because we do not know what to do regarding diet and exercise. Usually, when it comes to timing, we want results yesterday. 


Even if we have a sound strategic outlook backed by a realistic plan, we must realize this is a journey that we cannot do alone.  We need help in order to go the distance. 


Question: Why do I want to do this? 

Answer: To glorify God.

A lack of inspiration is the number one reason most people are not healthy. We are uninspired because we do not realize our sole purpose is to glorify God. There is no greater purpose than that! Once this sinks in, we need to answer, “What does glorifying God look like in my life?” In order to focus our efforts, we will develop a strategic plan to reclaim our energy and fulfill our calling. 


Most people don't know What to do in order to attain and maintain their weight loss goals.  Many do things every day they believe are helping them lose weight, which are instead packing on the pounds.

This is where we need to be educated or illuminated. Included in the FAITH VS. WEIGHT Program is a nutrition and fitness plan that has helped many of my clients lose and maintain their weight loss. We address why we should adopt a balanced nutrition and exercise plan instead of a sensational quick fix.  It is not necessary to kill yourself in order to lose weight.


Question: How does this work in our lives with our crazy schedules?

Answer: We walk with the Lord!

Although the first few weeks have an emphasis on nutrition, while the latter weeks dive into movement, every week is designed to strengthen our faith. In the “Change Your Life” section, we receive specific guidelines and suggestions on how to improve in all three areas. This is why the program takes seven weeks. In order to have new life, old habits need to die to make room for new ones.